April 21, 2021

Thesaurus : Doctrine

AMICO, Thomas🕴️

📝La Compliance ou le passage de l'ex post à l'ex ante. Une révolution copernicienne pour l'avocat pénaliste ?, in 🕴️M.-A. Frison-Roche (ed.), 📕Les outils de la Compliance

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â–ş Full Reference : Th. Amico, "La Compliance ou le passage de l'ex post Ă  l'ex ante. Une rĂ©volution copernicienne pour l'avocat pĂ©naliste ?" ("Compliance or the passage from ex post to ex ante: a Compernican revolution for the criminal lawyer?"), in M.-A. Frison-Roche (ed.), Les outils de la Compliance, coll. "RĂ©gulations & Compliance", Journal of Regulation & Compliance (JoRC) and Dalloz, 2021, p. 145-154.


đź“•read a general presentation of the book, Les outils de la Compliance, in which this article is published


â–ş Summary of the article (done by the Journal of Regulation & Compliance): After referring to various definitions of Compliance Law, the author insists on the usefulness of the criminal lawyer in that he, familiar with the Ex-Post that constitutes the sanction, can be of good advice. in the Ex-Ante in which new compliance mechanisms are being developed, such as risk mapping or third-party assessment.

Addressing the punitive dimension of Compliance Law, the author shows that the criminal lawyer therefore naturally has a place there, whether it concerns the powers exercised by an administrative authority or the criminal law itself. In that he can "anticipate criminal proceedings", the criminal lawyer is therefore best able to ensure that the company does not expose itself to them, in particular in a good mastery of internal investigations, thus ruling out the criminal risk.


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