Nov. 9, 2023


📝Main Aspects of the Book. Compliance Jurisdictionalisation, in🕴️M.-A. Frison-Roche, 📘Compliance Jurisdictionalisation

by Marie-Anne Frison-Roche

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► Full ReferenceM.-A. Frison-Roche, "Main Aspects of the Book. Compliance Jurisdictionalisation", in M.-A. Frison-Roche, (ed.), Compliance JurisdictionalisationJournal of Regulation & Compliance (JoRC) and Bruylant, coll. "Compliance & Regulation", to be published


📝This article constitutes the first part of the Introduction of the book; its access is free


📘read a general presentation of the book, Compliance Jurisdictionalisation, in which this article is published


► Summary of the article (done by the Journal of Regulation & Compliance - JoRC) : This free access article ⤵️ explains firstly the general purpose of the book and secondly how the book is structured in 4 chapters.

Then, thirdly and following the table of contents, this article takes up in a few lines each of the contributions.

This is how the "main aspects" of the book Compliance Jurisdictionalisation become even clearer


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